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Henry & Ashima

演讲如同拳击,这似乎不难理解,比如演讲和拳击一样都必须找到要点(要害)、出拳(出声)有力。再比如,拳击和演讲都必须与对手有沟通,在演讲时我们得观察听众,仔细聆听他们的问题,而在练习拳击比如太极推手时一定要学会听劲掌握听劲,便能更好地拆解对手的拳脚劲道。正如Lee Iacocca所说的那样:"You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can't put them across, your ideas won't get you anywhere."  同理,"You can have powerful fists, but if you can't put them across, your fists are nothing."


再比如,演讲和拳击固然最好都要激情驱动,但激情并不等于情绪失控,情绪一旦失控则会忘记初衷,诚所谓Power is nothing without control。情绪失控的例子,拳击莫过泰森,失控之下把霍利菲尔德的耳朵给咬下一小块,当然他也输掉了哪场著名的拳击世纪大战。


演讲失控的例子也很多,特别是在听众或对手恶意挑衅的情况下。演讲失控的窘态也各不相同,有潸然泪下的,有摩拳擦掌貌似打架的,当然还有口误连连的。说到这里,我想起小布什总统演说时的一个口误。当“911”事件发生之后,小布什演讲谴责恐怖分子,他说我们一定要报仇雪恨,不管恐怖分子躲到哪里,我们一定要把他们给揪出来,如果他们上天,我们就到天上把他们给抓住,“If they go to hell, we go to hell.”我不得不承认,这是我听到的最搞笑的口误之一。



How to Give Impressive PowerPoint Presentations

"You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can't put them across, your ideas won't get you anywhere."  -Lee Iacocca

While giving a presentation one has to work towards a lot of things. Presentations should be well demonstrated and displayed. PowerPoint Presentation, unlike an article should be aimed at keeping the content to a minimum on the slides.

Know the subject well

A good presenter should know the subject well and must use the slides only as flash cards that aid in jogging the presenter's memory. One must ensure not to read everything straight from the slides but instead give the audience the required information without looking at the screen. Maintaining eye contact with the audience shows confidence as well as the efforts of the presenter. Presenter must be well versed with all the contents of the presentation so that he is able to answer all the questions raised by the audience.

Know your audience

Profound knowledge of the subject does not mean having to memorize difficult data. In fact that is where the slides come to rescue. Important facts and figures must essentially be shown on slides for not only the ease of the presenter but also that of the audience. Use relevant pictures and graphs wherever required. If you are addressing an audience of mixed ethnicities then ensure that figures pertaining to money etc., are either shown in popular medium of exchange like US Dollars or preferably converted into the currency of their country of origin.

One impactful presentation would be where one keeps only one-word slides and explains them further in his own words. This helps the audience in retaining the key-words even after the presentation is over.

Speed and Time

Another important aspect is to spend considerable amount of time on each slide. Instead of rushing through several slides, one must keep less number of slides and explain them properly.  If you are doubtful of what content to keep and what to delete, use hyperlinks. It is a good way to keep oneself prepared with additional information when asked to expand on a certain specific point.

Also, stretching the presentation beyond the time allotted must be avoided. One can make a polite note in the beginning of the presentation that the queries, if any, will be addressed after the presentation is over, as some of the queries might get answered by itself moving along the presentation.

Other essentials

Each presentation should have an 'Introduction' of the Presenter as well as a brief about the topic of discussion. The people must know what to be attentive about based on the outline of the presentation given to them.

Similarly, there should be a 'Conclusion' slide to recapitulate the important aspects of the presentation for the audience. There also should be a Thank you slide to mark the end of the presentation.

So, here's wishing you the best for your next presentation. Be dressed according to the occasion, wear a Smile, use bright Themes, legible Font and don't forget to check for the often overlooked spelling errors, alignment of the text on the slides et al.

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